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Technical Support for ShoreTel and 3Com NBX

If you have a technical support issue with an unsupported VoIP phone system from ShoreTel or a 3Com NBX, InPath can help. We can provide you with support on an individual incident basis or sign you up for an annual support contract.

InPath’s technicians are expert at providing remote support to VoIP customers nationally. We have installed and supported over 5,000 VoIP systems world wide.

We provide remote technical support for both ShoreTel and 3Com NBX phone systems to unsupported customers at the rate of $180/hour with a 30 minute minimum. You can also contact us and request a quote for an annual contract.

You can contact InPath at or call us toll free at 800-884-6945. International customers can reach us at 402-345-9200.

Serving K-12 Schools

InPath serves hundreds of schools nationwide with our specialized IT Services. We offer a variety of IT services to K-12 including Telephone Systems (Premise based VoIP, Hosted/Cloud and Hybrid Systems), Core Networks and Wireless (WiFi) networks and bridging and Emergency Notification Systems.

We can help your school decide what technologies are best suited to your needs and then use our extensive experience servicing schools to help you design systems that effectively and affordably meets your school’s needs. We are especially proud of the work we have done helping rural schools across the country by providing them with a level of expertise and experience which may otherwise not have been available to them.

So whether your school needs a custom package to provide pervasive and immediate notifications in the event of an emergency or just a system designed to prevent outside calls from “leaking” through to classrooms during school hours we have the experience and expertise to make it happen.

Contact us to find out more about how InPath can help with your school’s telephony needs.

Multi-Site Telephone Networks

InPath has special competencies in dealing with the telephony needs of companies with multi-site venues.

We can help your company architect a solution that takes into account your specific needs and circumstances. We can help whether your objective is to increase connectivity between remote locations or between remote locations and HQ. Perhaps your goal is to lower telephony costs while maintaining the quality of service. In fact, based on our experience, most likely your plans require balancing a variety of these objectives. And, that is where our experience can help.

We can design a telephony system based on Premise based VoIP or a Hosted/Cloud technology to meet your needs. Or, we can combine the two technologies to design a Hybrid system that combines the characteristics of both types of systems (Premise and Host/Cloud) to best meet the needs of your enterprise.

Contact us for a free consultation and to find out how we can meet your companies specific Telephony needs.

Adding Cloud Capabilities to Existing ShoreTel Phone Systems

If you have a Premise based ShoreTel phone system that you would like expand with “Cloud” features, but you do not have an experienced Cloud partner then we can help. You can count in the experts at InPath to help you design and implement your Hybrid ShoreTel Solution. To find out more about what we can do for you contact us today.

NBX Phone Systems: Migrating to ShoreTel and Cloud

If you currently have an NBX phone system and would like to migrate to the features and reliability of a ShoreTel phone system, we can help.

InPath Subcontracting IT Services in the Omaha Metro Area

If your company is looking to subcontract IT Services in the Omaha Metro Area we are happy to help. We can look and act like an extension of your company or we can just be ourselves. The choice is yours.

Our Services

We provide installation, repair, and troubleshooting services

  • Computers
  • Computer Networks
  • Telephone Systems
  • Security Systems
  • Video Cameras
  • POS (Point of Sale Cash Register)
  • Wireless Networks
  • Network and Telephone Cabling

3Com NBX and VCX Support services:

InPath has supported the NBX Phone Platform since 1999! When we first started NBX was still owned by the NBX Corporation – who later sold the system to 3Com. 3Com eventually sold the system to Hewlett Packard, and HP eventually discontinued support for the NBX in 2007.

However, we at InPath never stopped our “love affair” with the NBX, and we never stopped supporting the NBX. Thirteen years after factory support for the NBX and the VCX Phone Platforms were discontinued we continue to support both

Our Coverage

We provide rapid response time for IT Services in Omaha Nebraska and the surrounding Metro Area including Lincoln Nebraska and Council Bluffs Iowa. We also cover all of Western Iowa including Des Moines, Ames, Iowa City and Council Bluffs. We can provide IT installation, repair and support services to customers anywhere in the States of Nebraska and Iowa.

Our Rates

If you are looking for an IT subcontractor in Nebraska or Iowa contact us at 402-346-0200 or to find out more about our offerings and our rate structure for General Contractors looking for local subcontractors to serve their customers in our local markets.