Mobilize your workforce and get your business moving

Today’s mobile workforce wants to be free of wires so they can do business everywhere. An all-wireless workplace enables communications anywhere. It supports BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) with secure and reliable performance, transforming your business into an efficient workplace.

Instead of spending more and more money to expand their wired networks, many of our customers have invested in an all-wireless workplace and enjoyed unprecedented savings.

Create An All-Wireless Workplace, Boost Productivity, Save Big Bucks

You can Leverage Wi-Fi to Create an Engaging Customer Experience! Ready to Learn More?

Primary & Higher Education

The Next-Generation Wireless Classroom

Reliable classroom Wi-Fi that won’t interrupt learning. We all know that digital learning boosts students achievement and is vital to the modernization of today’s classroom.

Wi-Fi enabled devices are everywhere in the classroom. But they’re only as reliable as the infrastructure they connect to. That’s why it is so important to have a robust campus wide wireless network that can handle everything you throw at it. Let everyone thrive when they use Wi-Fi enabled devices and apps that create a richer learning experience.

Block inappropriate content while prioritizing your Common Core curriculum, online testing and other critical learning applications.

Utilize built-in Location Based Services for emergency planning, class attendance, maps, directions, tours, and events along with campus planning, promotions and advertising.

Healthcare and Continuing Care Facilities

One Integrated Networking Solution for Healthcare and Continuing Care

Boost your hospital, clinic, or continuing care facility’s health by integrating Wi-Fi, role-based access control, and mobile apps into one seamless solution. You’ll be able to secure and prioritize critical-care apps while ensuring that patients and guests enjoy a first-rate healthcare experience.

Enable secure BYOD and guest access for everyone. Clinicians and staff can stay connected to Wi-Fi using their favorite mobile devices. Patients can Skype with family and friends or post Facebook updates without compromising the performance or security of critical-care apps on the same network.

You can Leverage Wi-Fi in Retail, Hotel, Resort-Casino or Large Public Venues to Create an Engaging Customer Experience

Retail – Indoor & Outdoor

Inspire Customers to Expore, Discover, and Buy

Up-level your customer engagement efforts by tempting shoppers with special offers through their smartphones. They simply join your in-store Wi-Fi, download your mobile app, and opt-in to get exclusive push notifications about their favorite products.

Location-aware mobile apps help them quickly find the merchandise they’re looking for – and discover new products and services along the way.

Public Venues – Indoor & Outdoor

Create a Crowd-Pleasing Public Venue That Captivates Your Guests

Give travelers, sports fans, and venue guests a memorable in-venue experience from their smartphones.

Inspire guests when they sign-in for Wi-Fi access. Welcome them them with high-volume public access hotspots. It’s where you can entice them with ads and special offers.

Make it easy to find their way with turn-by-turn directions form their smartphone.

Hospitality – Hotels, Resorts, & Convention Centers

Create an Experience They Will Write Home About

Let guests connect with anyone and everything at your venue. Untether your staff so they can assist visitors anywhere on the property.

Keep guest personally engaged with mobile apps that inspire them to explore and discover all your venue has to offer.

Venues come to life for your guests. They can get turn-by-turn directions to amenities and push-notification offers based on their preferences and real-time location.